Monday, March 16, 2015

In the Service of What?

For this week's blog I'm going to do an extended piece from Arionna's blog because the quotes she chose were very strong and really stuck out to me. The quote she used on page 2 that refers to students being apart of a service learning project are actively responding to needs of the community. I really feel that this paraphrase from the quote was a really good point that the authors of this article made. In a lot of other people's blog they had mentioned that they had to participate in community service as a graduation requirement which I also had to complete as a part of graduation. At the time I was really annoyed at the idea but now that I think of it Kaileen made a really good point that maybe people including myself didn't have a chance to find an opportunity that I could enjoy and if I did I could have really taken away something meaningful from it. I feel like in high school as a part of community service we could incorporate job shadowing instead so that maybe it could be a look into the real world for high schooler for what they are planning on pursuing in the future. I also I agree that there is a lot more of an emphasis on charity rather than change. I feel like there is a big difference from the service learning that I am doing in this class rather than my high school project. I feel like it is more meaningful rather than painting old ladies nails at a nursing home (which is totally what I had to do for 20 hours). I also agree with Arionna that this makes me think of Mcintosh and how children that attended a privileged preformed for other children at a less privileged school.

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  1. I love the connections that you made :). I'm sure the old women loved you painting their nails haha! I totally agree about the meaning of service, great job on the post :)