Sunday, April 19, 2015

Empowering education

I'm so glad that this is our last blog post! I just need this semester to be over with. For Ira Shor's Reading I will write a reflection.  Ira Shor defines empowering education as " A critical democratic pedagogy herself and social change; it is a student centered program for multicultural democracy in school in society. It approaches individual growth as an active, cooperative, and social process, because the self and society create each other" (pg 13).  Shor argues that students and teachers need to collaborate and create a curriculum that will benefit the students. He feels that curriculums need to provide the students an opportunity to ask questions to further their own knowledge. This can be connected to Delpit because Shor feels that a student's education is a connection to how a student learns how to be citizen of society and the development of the students values outside of their home life. I did like this article because I connected it to a lot of other readings we did the semester and this reading not only good the problem of education also gave the solution.By creating a curriculum where students are able to ask the teacher why they are learning a subject and teachers can give them a valid answer where they are going to make use of a school in the future and also outside of the classroom helps students become better critical thinkers and also gives students necessary qualities that will make them create their own values by what they believe in and not only what their parents believe in.


  1. Love your blog this week! And I really like the connection you made to delpit :)

  2. I feel the same way can't wait for this semester to be over. Enjoyed reading your blog, great connections and I like the picture.

  3. I think that your summary of Shor's article was great and I liked the picture as well!